Southern Posters is a unique collection of railway posters, advertisements, brochures, artwork and other ephemera produced by or associated with the Southern Railway (1923 to 1947), its partners, predecessors and successors. especially Art Deco examples.

Please follow the links above to see our portfolio by category. Classic railway pictures - many of these images are available as framed pictures from The Lordprice Collection. If you're interested in the subject, take a look at our bibliography section.


September 2015 updated information on Exmouth and Kew Gardens.

April 2015 added Winter Sunshine and Swanage.

August 2014 added Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

July 2014 added Lewes.

If you have a poster, scan, photo or other material that you think may be of interest I'd be only too happy to hear from you.

Recommended reading

This volume features the eastern half of Southern England. From Royal Berkshire through London to the coast in Kent across Sussex, up into Surrey and then Hampshire. Throughout the book, there is a wonderful selection of SR, LSWR, LBSCR and SECR and British Railways posters, with some LMS and LNER posters of London.

Recent additions



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