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1889 advert for the French Club Train to Calais Maritime. The companies involved were the Chemins de Fer du Nord of France, the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits and two antecedents of the Southern Railway - the London, Chatham & Dover and the South Eastern.


The LC&DR and the SER were infamous for competing against each other in the race to build railways through Kent and the Channel ports were important destinations for both. This poster pre-dates the formation of the Managing Committee of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway by some ten years.

The journey to London took some 8h45, the return some 7h55, assuming London and Paris were on the same time in those days. If they weren't and the current one hour differential was in place, the difference in journey times would be two hours greater.

The London termini served were Victoria, Charing Cross and Holborn Viaduct. The Paris station was the Gare du Nord.

The average crossing took just 70 minutes (or so it says).


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