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1928 advert by T D Kerr describing London and the Southern Railway as 'The Gateway to the Continent', which is fair enough.


The destinations range from Lisbon in the West to Moscow in the East. Quite why Karlovy Vary (German Carlsbad, in 1928 in Czechoslovakia, now in the Czech Republic) merits a mention, is beyond me. The list of famous expresses (some of which you'll find material for on this site) includes, somewhat bizarrely, the Bombay Express. Now that would be a trip from Victoria. When I open an Indian restaurant that'll be the name.

The text at the bottom reads 'Apply for the "Continental Handbook" giving every detail of fares and timetables, at the Continental Enquiry Office, Victoria Station, London, SW1. Also principal tourist agents.'

Mention of Czechoslovakia reminds me of one of my favourite Cold War jokes. Q: Why do the Czech secret police go round in threes? A: One can read, one can write and the third keeps an eye on the two intellectuals.

The trains mentioned were:


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