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1934 black-and-white magazine advert from Chemins de Fer de l'Etat and the Southern Railway. The advert promotes alternative routes between Paris and London - Newhaven-Dieppe by day or night and Southampton - Le Havre by night.


I like this because it presents material in a very simple (and hence clear) art deco style.

The Newhaven-Dieppe route (le jour) connects London Victoria station with Gare St Lazare as we see elsewhere on the site.

The Southampton-Le Havre service (la nuit) is by contrast quite unusual and links the same Paris terminus with London's Waterloo station. I would expect this route to be promoted as a way between England and Brittany or Normandy, but it's one long journey between the two capitals. Which is probably why it's unusual.

Kiki Werth was kind enough to send me the colour version opposite. They are almost identical, even to the stars, but there appear to be two differences between the pair: colour (natch) and the horizontal bar under 'Paris', which is black in the black-and-white version, but is blue and shows the statement '6 services reguliers chaque jour' (six regular services every day) in the colour image.

That makes me think that the black-and-white version isn't simply a monochrome version of the coloured, nor is the latter the product of someone taking a crayon (or Photoshop) to the former.

I don't know the artist; if you do, please let me know via the 'Contact us' link below.


Keywords: 1934; 1930s; art deco; Chemins de Fer de l'Etat; Southern Railway; magazine; advert; London; Londres; Paris; cross-channel; Victoria; Waterloo; Newhaven; Dieppe; Southampton; Le Havre; St Lazare; réclame; Reklame; la nuit; le jour

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