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A British Railways Southern Region poster extolling the attractions of Exmouth in Devon. Exmouth was part of the London & South Western Railway's network that extended deep into the South-West of England, competing on what the Great Western Railway considered its own territory.


This part of the country is promoted by the tourist authorities as the English Riviera but the artist has shown marvellous imagination to make it look more like Cannes than Devon, and the sunbathing beauty like the love interest from a James Bond movie.

Lee Smith sent in a photograph of this wonderful poster enquiring after its origin. I have been unable to find it anywhere else, but from the style of dress and car I would estimate it dates from the early 1960s. Update: it's from 1960. I happened to watch the Peter Sellers film 'Two-Way Stretch' which was made in 1960. Towards the end there's a scene with a number of churchmen in a railway station and what should I spot behind them in glorious black-and-white? This poster!

Further update: Richard Furness, author of the 'Poster to Poster' series, was kind enough to let me know that it is by Laurence Fish and was first issued by BR (SR) in 1957. It was then used for three successive seasons. The 1950s must have been more glamorous than I thought.


Keywords: Southern Railway; Exmouth; British Railways; Southern Region; 1957; 1960s; Railway; Poster; South Devon; Fast trains from London Waterloo; Laurence Fish; Two-Way Stretch

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