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This is a 1909 London, Brighton and South Coast Railwayadvert for the Southern Belle Pullman Express between London Victoria and Brighton. The predecessor of the much more famous Brighton Belle, the Southern Belle was introduced in 1908.


The Southern Belle was steam-hauled until 1933 when electric units were intriduced for the service.

On 29th June 1934 the service was renamed the Brighton Belle, a name it retained until withdrawal in 1972.

The poster describes it as 'The most luxurious train in the World', and the image presents an Edwardian elegance and comfort that is sadly long gone from modern railways.

The special day return fare was 12/- (12 shillings in old money, 60 pence in new). A typical first class off-peak day return in 2010 costs £32.50, which actually doesn't sound too bad, although even first class won't come close to those Pullman levels of comfort and service.


Keywords: Southern Belle, LBSCR, London Victoria, Brighton, Pullman, Express, 1909, advert, luxury, Edwardian

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