For too long we've paid insufficient attention to the hard-working artists that created the originals of the works we see on the site. This page is an attempt to redress that balance. There are more gaps than I would like, so if you can fill in any details on these contributors I would appreciate it.



Bagdatopoulos, William Spencer (1888-1965). Greek-born but studied in The Netherlands and worked in Britain. He was commissioned to do a lot of work for Indian State Railways.

Golden Arrow
Flèche d'Or

Baker, A R

Where Hampshire meets Dorset


Night Ferry

Biais, Henri I. French, which served him right. There is a rue Henri Biais in Villefranche-sur Mer. Don't know if that's named after this guy.

Vers l'Angleterre

Birck, Alphonse. French. (1859-1942)

Fêtes de Ghezireh au Caire

Broders, Roger (1883-1953). French

PLM Simplon Orient Express

Brown, Gregory. (1887-1948)

The Londoner's Garden - Kent
The Londoner's Leisure - the Thames
The Londoner's Highlands - Surrey

Cassandre, Adolphe Mouron ( Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron in Kharkov, Ukraine) (1901-1968) The best-known and most influential artist yet to feature on this site. Won a first prize at the 1925 Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes (from which we get the term Art Deco). Created lots of Art Deco posters (Normandie is probably his most famous). Got depressed and topped himself.

Victoria London Dunkerque
Dunkerque Folkestone Londres
Nord Express

Danvers, Verney L. Active from the 1920s certainly through to the 1950s (BR Swanage artwork c. 1955).

Good Morning
Good Night



Fix-Masseau, Pierre. French. (1905-1994)

Côte d'Azur Pullman Express

Grundy, John Hull (1907 - 1984)

Southern Sun

Joseph, Agnes

Sussex Downs

Keely, Patrick (possibly Keely) (d. 1970)

A Straight Line
Progress on the Southern Railway

Kerr, T D. Prolific during the 1920s, but apart from that I can't find a single thing about him. Or her, for that matter.

Gateway to the Continent
Electrification (part of Progress quartet)
Steam! (again, Progress)
Rolling Stock (ditto)
The Viaduct (likewise)
Your Best Expresses

King, Cecil

Whitstable & Tankerton

Marton, Lajos. Hungarian. Well he must be with a name like that.

Bournemouth Belle

Mayes, Reginald (1901-1992). Artist for the LMS before the War and London Transport after it.

Have your tickets ready please

Molenaar, H.

Bournemouth Belle

Mott, Ralph (1888-1959)


Naurac, Jean-Raoul (1878 - 1948)

Londres-Vichy Pullman

Newbould, Frank (1887-1951)

Penny a mile

Patten, Leonard


Payne, Stanley


Péan, René (1875-1955)

London-Paris via Newhaven-Dieppe
Paris à Londres I
Paris à Londres II

Pears, Charles (1873-1958)

Now to Ascot - Reading - Camberley

Rojan (Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky) (1891-1970) Russian émigré illustrator of children's books and erotic literature!

Kew Gardens

Severin, Mark (or Marc) (1906 - 1987) Belgian-born artist and graphic designer who lived in England for most of his life. Seems to have had a bookplate specialism.

Devon Belle

Shep (Charles Shepard) (born 1892, died c. 1976). Head of Studio at The Baynard Press. Designed posters for the Southern Railway, British Rail, London Underground and the Royal Mail Packet Steamship Company. His surname is often misspelt Shepherd, sometimes by institutions which really should know better.

Golden Arrow
Golden Arrow

Atlantic Coast Express
Four Belles
Brighton Belle
Golden Arrow

Spradberry, Walter E

Thames Valley
The Proud City

Thomas, Bert (Herbert Samuel) (1883 - 1966)

Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

Tripp, Sir Herbert Alker (1883-1954). Polymath. Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, yachtsman and author.


Vaughan, Edmond

So Swiftly Home
South for Winter Sunshine

Webb, L. A.


White, Ethelbert (1891-1972)

Live in Kent and be content
Live in Surrey and be happy
Live in Surrey free from worry

Wilkinson, Norman (1878-1971) One of the finest marine artists of the 20th century and camouflage expert. He was the first to propose the use of disruptive coloration in naval camouflage, for which he coined the well-known term "dazzle painting" or dazzle camouflage

North Cornwall

d'Ylen, Jean

Portsmouth Electric



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