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This page attempts to record news items and changes to the site

August 2014 added Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

July 2014 added Lewes.

May 2014 added Saving for a Fulmar, Royal Ascot, Kent fruit and Bournemouth Limited.

April 2014 added Southern Belles and Golden Arrow Pullman.

March 2014 added Weymouth, Thames Valley, Southern Sun and Brighton Belle.

February 2014 added Battle of Britain.

January 2014 added a colour version of Night and Day courtesy of Kiki Werth.

November 2013 after a bit of a gap added Portsmouth Electric and tidied up a few things.

May 2011 added Penny-a-mile and Door-to-door.

March 2011 added The Londoner's Highlands - Surrey, Where Hampshire meets Dorset and Saving for a Fulmar.

February added the curious pair of Live in Surrey free from worry and Live in Surrey and be happy, Deal and London - Paris by night and by day.

January Londoner's Leisure, Paris-London via Dieppe-Newhaven, Golden Arrow Limited and Sunny Ramsgate added. Golden Arrow updated.

27th December 2010 updates coming a bit fast, so infrequent notices can be expected - Edwardian Paris-Londres poster added.

5th December Added Sunny Broadstairs poster.

13th November PLM Simplon-Orient-Express poster.

1st November A number of minor changes, added hilarious Herne Bay 1906 poster.

19th September Added London-Paris via Newhaven-Dieppe. Added to bibliography.

3rd September Added Bournemouth Limited and Flèche d'Or. Updated some artists' details and added to bibliography.

12th August Bit of a revamp. The Electrification page was looking a tad bare, so I've combined it with Other Stuff to form what is now our most impressive category. Artists section has had more detail added. Navigation between categories should be easier, too.

10th August Started a section on the artists whose work is shown here. Long overdue.

4th August Added Nord Express by Cassandre.

1st August Started a bibliography section that shares some of the reference works available.

19th July Added exotic 1896 Fêtes de Ghezireh Cairo poster.

1st July Added a new favourite: Kew Gardens by Rojan (Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky) 1941

28th June Added Live in Kent and be Content, 1926 poster by Ethelbert White

18th June Added 1906 LB&SCR Coast Line Rail Motor Services advert

14th May Added 1928 Your Best Expresses poster, courtesy of Martin Steenson of Books and Things. Thanks Martin!

27th March Added Sussex Downs poster

24th February Added 1909 Southern Belle to Brighton poster - Edwardian elegance at its best.

6th February After over a year of spectacular inactivity (partly due to other commitments, partly due to sloth and lethargy on my part) I have managed to source some new and interesting material which I aim to incorporate at regular intervals. Most of these posters and images are not strictly Southern Railway material but they are linked with the Southern in some (perhaps tenuous) way.

If you have a poster, scan, photo or other material that you think may be of interest I'd be only too happy to hear from you.

20th October 2008 Failed miserably on my update plans, but in the meantime I've had another problem with email addresses. Stephen Ippolito contacted me with an enquiry about the Night Ferry poster. Stephen, I've got some information for you, but emails to the address you used have bounced twice. Drop me a line with some way of contacting you and I'll let you know.

I was able to confirm Syd Carroll's thoughts. He has an unusual poster (well I haven't seen it anywhere else) of which he's promised me a scan when he has time. It will be good to preserve something that unusual in digital form.

7th September It's been way too long since the last update, so I'm setting myself the task of adding some new material (and a couple of improved scans) within the next two weeks. The most rewarding thing about making this site is the feedback and enquiries I get from visitors. I've had questions or requests from, inter alia:

Always ready to help if I can, especially if it's in support of the Arts or railway societies of any sort.

Most recently I got an email from Syd Carroll, who has an interesting poster on the electrification of lines to Gillingham and Maidstone. Syd, I do have some information for you, but emails to your address have bounced four times. If you're still interested, drop me another line!

3rd November 2007 Further new material: So swiftly home under Electrification, and three Continental images (an 1889 advert for the Club Train between Paris and London, the 1888-1889 winter timetable for the Orient Express and a rather fine (if slightly off topic) Art Deco poster for the Côte d'Azur Pullman Express.

26th October New material added: Dunkerque-Folkestone (interesting partner to Victoria-Dunkerque), Ramsgate, Gateway and Four Belles. Corrected a resolution issue with Bournemouth Belle 2 thumbnail.

16th September It's been a little time since an update - work pressure, holidays - all the usual excuses. Added material, corrected a resolution problem with Shabby and added a slightly off topic picture of the Guimard Abbesses mètro station entrance in Paris. See the page for why.

6th August Another Diego Patrian poster added, this time copying a GWR poster.

5th July Minor site update, new poster added and some horrendous spelling errors (which we abhor) corrected.

23rd June Added a new page on Art Deco, its origins and impact on industrial design between the wars.

9th June We've added a few new posters, some interesting links and a page on the work of some bloke called Diego Patrian - pictures that bear an astonishing resemblance to some Southern originals.

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